The Creative Memoirs Process


Please see our Get Started page to begin the creation of your memoir.


We have found that 45-minute interview sessions work best in most cases. The interview is conducted over the phone, and the entire session is recorded. A 45 minute interview typically results in 20 to 25 pages of typed text. 

After completion of all interview sessions, we initially process the audio file using state-of-the art speech-to-text AI.  Following this, a native-English-speaking editor personally reads the entire document and listens to the audio file as needed to ensure an accurate and thorough transcription. We will carefully edit the text for punctuation and grammar while ensuring that the unique voice of the interviewee shines through. Pictures and photos can be added as desired. 

The draft document is then made available to the interviewee and designated family members for one week for any additional revisions. 

The final document proceeds to publishing after all changes have been implemented. Several options for the appearance and format of your memoir are available. Additional copies of your memoir can be purchased for a small charge. Photos can be added and will be printed in black and white.

We strive to produce your Creative Memoir as quickly as possible. The time period from conclusion of interviews to publishing is usually less than a month. We are happy to share the audio file with you as well, should you wish to keep it along with your Creative Memoir. 


$350 for the basic package, which includes:

  • Two 45-minute personal interview sessions

  • Careful transcription and editing

  • Publication of your Creative Memoir as a hardbound book

Additional interview sessions are available for $90 each.