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Claire Anderson is a businesswoman, writer, publisher, and teacher.  In the 1970s she wrote one of the first books on cottage industries, the forerunner of home-based businesses, and was the president of St. Claire-Alexander, a publishing company. She writes and lectures on the the subjects of achieving abundance, creativity, and public relations.


Claire's life changed forever on a sunny spring day in 2005 when she suddenly became legally blind as the result of an optic stroke. An upward struggle ensued, supported by The Miami Lighthouse for the Blind. Claire turned her despair and anxiety into energy and found Guide Dogs for the Blind, where she bonded with DaVida, a beautiful yellow lab. Since that amazing experience, Claire has become a speaker for Guide Dogs and visually impaired people. Her 2012 book, “Sightless in Seattle, Adventures with My Guide Dog” has received acclaim and brought joy to Claire and DaVida.


For eight years, Claire has taught a Memoir Class for seniors at the Ballard NW Senior Center.


Her many honors include being Recognized by President Carter for Community Service and being listed in Who's Who of American Women, 1980 – 1990.


Claire has 3 sons, 7 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. She lives in Seattle,WA.